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Mother's Day

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  • A day of the year (in the US, the second Sunday in May) on which mothers are honored by their children.

    ‘I can confidently say that this was probably the Best Mother's Day Ever.’
    • ‘This will be my fourth Mother's Day out here at Lake Natoma at the rowing championships.’
    • ‘On Mother's Day there were more tears when although she had not heard from him in three weeks he sent her flowers.’
    • ‘A good Mother's Day is a day to do what you want to do - not what you have to do.’
    • ‘Next Sunday is Mother's Day, the only time we nationally pay homage to women for giving birth.’
    • ‘He also took advantage of the occasion to wish all mothers around the nation a happy Mother's Day.’
    • ‘As Mother's Day comes around again, I realise my mum will always be a huge part of me.’
    • ‘Along with Mother's Day, Father's Day is a time to treasure one of the two most important people in all our lives.’
    • ‘The menu was a special one for Mother's Day, but the carvery is open every Sunday.’
    • ‘As Mother's Day approaches, Grace finds herself increasingly thinking about her mother.’
    • ‘The initial reaction of any Indian is to scoff at the idea of Mother's Day, which is not as hyped as Valentine's Day.’
    • ‘These days, it is rare I get to spend Mother's Day with my mum, who lives some 200 miles away in Edinburgh.’
    • ‘You see, in Jamaica, Father's Day is nowhere near as important as is Mother's Day.’
    • ‘Try preaching a Mother's Day sermon after hearing that news two days before.’
    • ‘This will be a special Mother's Day concert and Tony and Mick and their band are sure to deliver a relaxing and most enjoyable show.’
    • ‘Her friend Margaret Earle was on a mission to buy a £99 tumble dryer for her mother for Mother's Day.’
    • ‘Here's a timely reminder to all forgetful children to buy some flowers for your mum tomorrow - for Mother's Day.’
    • ‘And you do not need Mother's Day to do something special for your mother, or say something special to her.’
    • ‘So I was surprised and moved to tears yesterday when he came home from school with a Mother's Day card for me.’
    • ‘But a surprise bunch of flowers sent by Interflora International reduced her to tears on Mother's Day.’
    • ‘Spare a thought this Mother's Day for one woman who will be hard at work.’


Mother's Day

/ˈməT͟Hərz ˌdā/ /ˈməðərz ˌdeɪ/