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mother figure

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  • A woman who is regarded as a source of nurture and support.

    ‘a housekeeper named Evelyn became a mother figure to him’
    • ‘I figured that it would be easier to find a father figure than a mother figure in this huge city.’
    • ‘It is particularly important that children have both a mother figure and a father figure.’
    • ‘When my mother died I was left to be the designated mother figure, looking after my younger siblings, but I really didn't want to be in charge of anyone, not even of myself.’
    • ‘Daryl stood up to look at her; this old woman had practically been a mother figure to him while he had been in London.’
    • ‘Along with mothering four children of her own, she's a mother figure to many more.’
    • ‘I never had a mother around so she was sort of a mother figure in a weird way.’
    • ‘Remarkably, though the residents don't understand her theorizing, they accept her as a mother figure because she administers to their physical and mental well-being.’
    • ‘Most of the guys I have talked to are extremely polite and I think some may see me as a bit of a mother figure.’
    • ‘Josie became the mother figure of the house in more ways than one: she cleaned the house, did the laundry, shopped, cooked most meals, mended their clothes, and cared for any scrapes or cuts.’
    • ‘So Jessica was something of a mother figure to both Catherine and Paloma: she was their mentor, the person whom they could turn to when they needed advice of any kind.’
    • ‘She was also the only person I didn't flirt with at work; I wouldn't dare - she was more of a mother figure to me, someone who picked me up and bandaged me when I had fallen down and hurt myself.’
    • ‘‘Some people see me as a story teller, and others as a mother figure,’ she observes.’
    • ‘She had murdered the only mother figure that she had.’
    • ‘God only knew how much those two needed a mother figure.’
    • ‘She's the oldest, and I think she sees herself as a mother figure.’
    • ‘Mrs. Pollock had been a mother figure to her for her entire life.’
    • ‘She explained that because she was a few years older than I, and so large and warm and loving, she felt I viewed her as a mother figure.’
    • ‘I admired Razia Bhatti and she was like a mother figure to me.’
    • ‘Her role in this epic is very difficult because she is simultaneously the goddess of lust and a mother figure.’
    • ‘Her job required her to act like a mother figure and, true to her vocation, she took me under her wing.’


mother figure

/ˈməT͟Hər ˈfiɡyər/ /ˈməðər ˈfɪɡjər/