Definition of mother goddess in English:

mother goddess


  • A mother-figure deity, a central figure of many early nature cults in which maintenance of fertility was of prime religious importance. Examples of such goddesses include Isis, Astarte, Cybele, and Demeter.

    Also called Great Mother

    ‘What she found amazing in their culture was the cult of the mother goddess as the pillar of the family.’
    • ‘The festival is dedicated to Durga, the mother goddess who also represents power.’
    • ‘The Ganges is worshiped as a mother goddess, Gangadevi, and her celestial water is believed to possess supernatural power.’
    • ‘From this identification with a mother goddess, which is the goal of the initiation, there comes an ever-ready attentiveness to what is needed, a willingness, indeed a longing, to meet that need.’
    • ‘The prime attraction in the museum is the terracotta structure of the mother goddess, Indira Mata or the locally known deity of Laja Gouri.’
    • ‘The likes of Cybele, Kali, and Gaia are examples of this type of mother goddess.’
    • ‘With powerful imagery they concluded with a dance in praise of the mother goddess, a fitting finale to the performance that had the audience in silent rapture.’
    • ‘Called Gaia, she is the first mother goddess of the world, from which all other gods came.’
    • ‘I do not even know if my father is alive or what has happened to my brothers Antiochus and Seleucus, I pray to the mother goddess that they are safe.’
    • ‘She was the mother goddess, the one invoked by most people.’
    • ‘According to Hindu legend, the multi-armed mother goddess - brandishing weapons given to her by the gods - saved the universe by defeating the buffalo demon Mahishasur and his army of evil spirits.’
    • ‘Buxom figurines of the mother goddess, reindeer antlers incised with hunting scenes, and images of woolly mammoths scratched into the calcite walls of caves endure as records of the sensibilities of early Homo sapiens.’
    • ‘The ancient mother goddess from Harappa is placed next to contemporary folk art, highlighting that these subjects transcend the boundaries of time, space and culture.’
    • ‘She sat in one of the pews and stared up at the great and silent marble statue of the mother goddess, protector of women and children and the earth.’
    • ‘Perhaps he was talking of a Hindu song, reflecting a Hindu ethos in which the country is equated with the mother goddess.’
    • ‘Cybele was worshipped in Rome and was called the great queen mother goddess.’
    • ‘She is best known as the wife of Zeus (or Juno to the Roman Jupiter), but when Hera is unveiled she becomes a great and ancient mother goddess, much beloved by her people.’
    • ‘Some scholars believe it is possible to trace the region's devotion to the Virgin Mary to the mother goddesses of pre-Christian religions.’
    • ‘There are more gods than people here, so the saying goes, with Buddhas and bodhisattvas, tantric gods and mother goddesses at every turn.’
    • ‘I took turns at child-care with my wife so that we both could take our time sketching the mother goddesses in the citadel museum.’
    deity, god, goddess, mother goddess, divine being, celestial being, supreme being


mother goddess

/ˈˌməT͟Hər ˌɡädəs/ /ˈˌməðər ˌɡɑdəs/