Definition of Mother Hubbard in English:

Mother Hubbard

Pronunciation /ˌməT͟Hər ˈhəbərd/ /ˌməðər ˈhəbərd/


  • 1A long, loose-fitting, shapeless woman's dress or undergarment.

    ‘Women in the Marshall Islands wear Mother Hubbards and think only prostitutes wear pants.’
    • ‘The end result was a basic design (referred to as a ‘Mother Hubbard’) which was simply a full, straight skirt attached to a yoke with a high neck and tight sleeves.’
    1. 1.1Canadian A long parka.
      ‘Women also sewed fabric, available from the trading posts, into a parka shell called a Mother Hubbard.’
      • ‘The ‘Mother Hubbard’, another style of parka, with its deep ruffle, is common.’


So named from early illustrations of the nursery rhyme.