Definition of mother lode in English:

mother lode

Pronunciation /ˈməT͟Hər lōd/ /ˈməðər loʊd/


  • 1Mining
    A principal vein of an ore or mineral.

    ‘Based in Walnut Creek and Lotus, Calif. - right by the mother lode that drew the forty-niners out West for the Gold Rush - the business seems isolated, deep in canyon country.’
    • ‘Bettors look at statistics, angling for some play, some pattern, or a factor someone might have overlooked - much like a gold miner hoping someone's overlooked a nugget here and there or bypassed a mother lode.’
    • ‘The California 49ers looked upstream hoping to find the mother lode, and that's exactly what they called the system of gold veins they discovered.’
    1. 1.1A rich source of something.
      ‘your portfolio holds a mother lode of opportunities’
      • ‘‘I think we hit the emotional mother lode when we met Keith,’ says Rubin.’
      • ‘The mother lode was struck when the designers hit on a way to improve power management and increase battery life for cell phones and other portable electronics.’
      • ‘While there have been revisions of Anthony's original insights, he certainly was the first to strike the mother lode.’
      • ‘There in his own backyard, Hutchinson struck the mother lode of Nature Study.’
      • ‘A vibrant community that has doubled in size in the past eight months is teeming with potential customers and has a mother lode of data to mine.’
      • ‘The second disc is the mother lode, absolutely jammed to the hilt with two hours of extra footage, new testimony, short films, and altercations - an extra film's worth of supplementary material, really.’
      • ‘What they found in these files was a mother lode of intelligence reporting on German international commercial and fiscal transactions in 1944 and 1945.’
      • ‘Thus, animal bioexplorers are entering largely uncharted territory, and the odds are good, they believe, that a mother lode is still out there, waiting to be discovered.’
      • ‘‘The credit report is the mother lode of information,’ she says.’
      • ‘Quality has increased dramatically recently, and folks are hollering about how the vineyards in Otago on the South Island will turn out to be the mother lode.’
      • ‘Let's hope that what we clearly lack in wits, curiosity, and worldliness we can make up for with a mother lode of dexterity and hand-eye coordination.’
      • ‘The labor markets have always been the mother lode of information about trends in economic growth, inflation, and Federal Reserve policy.’
      • ‘It was not until we started working with local fishermen who knew their way into some of the most inaccessible lakes that we hit the mother lode of black caiman nesting sites.’
      • ‘The file proved to be a mother lode of information.’
      • ‘There is no doubt that the Opportunity Mars rover is relaying a mother lode of geological data.’
      • ‘No other writer I know mines the mother lode of what is condescendingly called ‘everyday life’ with such consistently surprising results.’
      • ‘The vernacular provided Shakespeare with a mother lode of new words, and he used his imagination to build up his vocabulary.’
      • ‘Your tax returns contain a mother lode of financial information about you.’
      • ‘Iceland is something of a genetic mother lode, boasting probably the world's most homogeneous populations.’
      • ‘This site is the mother lode of maps, charts, data, and articles about Australians.’
      • ‘Researchers hope to mine this mother lode of genetic variation to achieve cottons with higher yields, stronger fibers, improved seed quality, and other traits.’