Definition of mother ship in English:

mother ship


(also mothership)
  • 1A large spacecraft or ship from which smaller craft are launched or maintained.

    ‘a mother ship accompanies a small fleet of yachts’
    • ‘Diligence carries extensive engineering workshops and can provide emergency electrical and fresh water supplies, making her an ideal mother ship for smaller craft engaged on relief work.’
    • ‘The service maintains a computer register of ships capable of acting as the mother ship to host the submersible rescue system.’
    • ‘Dozens of smaller ships from the alien mother ship fly out, shooting laser shots at the Battle Ships.’
    • ‘For longer missions it will launch from a mother ship designed to look like a fishing trawler.’
    • ‘Quiet music plays continuously in the background and the video camera transmits every move inside the submersible to the mother ship.’
    • ‘The submarine was then guided onto the cradle and hoisted aboard the catamaran mother ship.’
    • ‘As the mother ship landed, All the POWs got off the ship.’
    • ‘However, the lander lost contact with mission control and its mother ship after touching down on the Martian surface at Christmas and has not been heard from since.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the mother ship continues to orbit the sun.’
    • ‘So the decision was made to have nuclear batteries on the mother ship alone, and use small temporary batteries on the lifeboats.’
    • ‘We returned to our mother ship and investigated the bottom of the canoe; it held 43 fish of all shapes and sizes.’
    • ‘The team is waiting for the mother ship Mars Express to come into orbit around Mars on January 4.’
    • ‘One moment they could see beneath their mother ship - the next they were level with the deck, as the waves threw their flat-bottomed craft about.’
    • ‘The idea is that any software that somehow sends back info to the mother ship must first alert a user about what it's doing.’
    • ‘Around 4 pm we finish up and head back to the mother ship.’
    • ‘He watched the wounded transferring to the mother ship.’
    • ‘They blasted it and the mother ship dissolved in the air.’
    • ‘‘If the boat sinks, save the data,’ Limpus jokes as we speed back to the mother ship.’
    • ‘Kevin and Andy escaped the blast as the mother ship crashed.’
    1. 1.1A place regarded as a base, source, or headquarters.
      ‘the gallery quickly became Modernism's mother ship in jazz-age New York’
      • ‘On New Year's Eve in San Francisco's Market district, the mothership has no beginning or end.’
      • ‘Instead, this became a chance to show our willingness to work together within the new mother ship.’
      • ‘Those dealers, Landry adds, represent 65 percent of retail sales, a fact not lost on the U.S. mothership in Detroit.’
      • ‘It's the mother ship of Army medicine in the world.’
      • ‘Only six more episodes remain before he goes back to Martha's Vinyard and hands off the mothership to the Tiffany Network.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, even the brightest of new councillors eventually become jaded and beaten down by the bureaucracy of the mother ship.’
      • ‘It predates the current authoritarian regime in the Kremlin, but still links the enclave to the mothership of the Russian Federation.’
      • ‘At some highly specific and anticipated moment we disconnect from the education mother ship and go off on our own, often never to return.’
      • ‘The idea is that any software that somehow sends back info to the mother ship must first alert a user about what it's doing.’
      • ‘He's going to be leaving in a couple of weeks and we're trying to get him a job with the mother ship back in Auburn.’
      • ‘He was a member of the now-defunct Scottish Labour Action, an organisation which tended to see the UK party as a sister organisation, rather than the mother ship.’
      • ‘Before casinos opened in Connecticut, the 35-acre Wonderland was the mother ship of gambling in New England.’
      • ‘Although the position is for the Windy City, my interviewer works at the mother ship in the Silicon Valley.’
      • ‘Someone at Volvo, or Ford, the mother ship, determined that about 90% of information a driver needs to maneuver a vehicle safely comes by looking through the windows.’


mother ship

/ˈməT͟Hər SHip/ /ˈməðər ʃɪp/