Definition of motion capture in English:

motion capture


  • The process or technique of recording patterns of movement digitally, especially the recording of an actor's movements for the purpose of animating a digital character in a movie or video game.

    ‘for the first time, Lara's movements are governed by motion capture rather than hand animation’
    • ‘the film will be made using 3-D motion capture technology’
    • ‘I find the whole thing incredibly exciting, because I love computer animation and motion capture and the elves' gowns and chain mail.’
    • ‘It is one of the first computer games to use movie-style motion capture techniques rather than just computer-designed figures.’
    • ‘We didn't have time to do every single step, of course, but we did many of his basic movements through the motion capture.’
    • ‘The animation and real motion capture is hardly breathtaking but far from appalling.’
    • ‘Motion capture techniques, similar to those used to create football video games, were used to record the ballet moves to animate the sugar plum fairies.’
    • ‘A person in a motion capture suit would be hard pressed to perform an octopus.’
    • ‘He didn't use any motion capture in order to create the CGI characters that appear in his own film.’
    • ‘That would be very hard to do without motion capture.’
    • ‘Animators, and particularly video game developers, rely on motion capture research because it can produce highly accurate and realistic movement results in a short amount of time.’
    • ‘The motion capture was carried out in the Sports Science department of Dublin City University, where the dancers were fitted with 46 markers at key points on their bodies.’
    • ‘The animations are also top notch and while there may be some motion capture used, it still appears to be 100% hand done.’
    • ‘He has a shortlist of martial arts experts who can imitate Lee's moves for his "motion capture" cameras.’
    • ‘Faces can either be drawn using keyframe animation or by using motion capture, watching a live actor's face.’
    • ‘We did motion capture for 5 straight cold days out at a rink here in British Columbia.’
    • ‘It is the first movie to use motion capture for its entire length.’
    • ‘Why did you have him do his own motion capture?’
    • ‘Does motion capture save time or money for game development?’
    • ‘The cinematics are here to show off the seamless character models along with incredible lip-synch and motion capture.’
    • ‘Mafia's character modeling is done with motion capture and the facial expression system is impressive, although not flawless.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, many of the other characters do not move as smoothly, but seem to hearken back to the days before the use of motion capture.’