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motion picture

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mainly North American
  • another term for movie

    as modifier ‘the motion-picture industry’
    • ‘It probably isn't entirely fair to blame the failure of a motion picture on the screenwriter.’
    • ‘Two years later, it was adapted as a major motion picture directed by Steven Spielberg.’
    • ‘Putting the concept of a serial killer into a successful motion picture is very difficult for film writers.’
    • ‘The film, made up almost exclusively of home video footage from over the years, is not a motion picture.’
    • ‘This motion picture is a combination of sloppy movie-making and poor storytelling.’
    • ‘I guess to really delve into religion is scary for a major motion picture studio, but then why make it at all?’
    • ‘This is a rare motion picture that would be worth seeing for the cinematography alone.’
    • ‘The print is clean and the overall motion picture has a fabulous continuity.’
    • ‘This could easily go down as the year's best example of solid acting in a wretched motion picture.’
    • ‘Visually, a viewer should never confuse a motion picture with a computer game.’
    • ‘You start thinking this is the stupidest idea for a motion picture ever conceived and you have no talent to write a movie.’
    • ‘It's a major motion picture comedy, but, as such, it may leave many viewers dissatisfied.’
    • ‘Certainly a lot can be said for a filmmaker who writes, directs, and stars in his own motion picture.’
    • ‘These characters are far more real than the average motion picture constructs.’
    • ‘Jeunet is one of the world's great visualists behind the motion picture camera.’
    • ‘It isn't a perfect motion picture, but it is a powerful one, and leaves a lasting impression.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, this is not a motion picture for those with short attention spans.’
    • ‘From the beginning, it's apparent that The Pledge is not going to be a happy motion picture.’
    • ‘Despite its indie roots, Relax has the feel and look of a major motion picture.’
    • ‘Occasional moments of levity can go a long way in a motion picture like this.’
    movie, picture, feature, feature film


motion picture

/ˌmōSH(ə)n ˈpik(t)SHər/ /ˌmoʊʃ(ə)n ˈpɪk(t)ʃər/