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motion sickness

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  • Nausea caused by motion, especially by traveling in a vehicle.

    ‘Travel sickness, or motion sickness, is an unpleasant, temporary disturbance of your sense of balance and equilibrium that occurs while travelling by sea, road or air.’
    • ‘Some of the antihistamines are also used to prevent motion sickness, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.’
    • ‘For some reason, migraines, hangovers, motion sickness, and acute mountain sickness have very similar symptoms.’
    • ‘Like other forms of motion sickness, space sickness is due to a conflict of sensory information from the vestibular system and eyes to the central nervous system.’
    • ‘They are useful if vertigo is brought on by motion sickness, migraine, inner ear disorders and labyrinthitis.’
    • ‘Other risk factors include a history of motion sickness or migraines.’
    • ‘Ginger has not only been used for ages to effectively combat nausea and motion sickness, but it does this without the drowsiness caused by many over-the-counter medicines.’
    • ‘The risk of space motion sickness or nausea is most significant during the first few days of orbital space flight and tends to manifest itself within an hour or so in susceptible people.’
    • ‘Most research on ginger has dealt with the severe abdominal distress, nausea and vomiting of motion sickness.’
    • ‘If travelling by car or train is your choice, you can ease travel or motion sickness by chopping up half a teaspoon of fresh ginger, dusting it with powdered cinnamon and binding it with honey.’
    • ‘Do not watch or talk to another traveler who is experiencing motion sickness.’
    • ‘Vomiting can be caused by an infection, a food allergy, medication, or motion sickness.’
    • ‘Having shown that perioperative oxygen reduces postoperative vomiting, a group of anaesthetists wanted to see if the same tactic could reduce motion sickness in elderly patients with minor trauma.’
    • ‘There are over-the-counter drugs that help motion sickness.’
    • ‘She agrees with anecdotal reports from aviators that controlled breathing is an effective countermeasure for motion sickness.’
    • ‘An inner ear disturbance, such as motion sickness, also can make you queasy.’
    • ‘When overstimulated, they can produce feelings of dizziness and nausea that are aptly referred to as motion sickness.’
    • ‘Ginger quells nausea and vomiting caused by motion sickness or digestive problems.’
    • ‘Also pack sunscreen, extra prescription eyewear and motion sickness medication if applicable.’
    • ‘As she got older, she developed motion sickness, dizzy spells, and stomach ulcers.’
    • ‘Some people get motion sickness when their inner ear (which maintains balance) senses movement but their eyes tell them that they're standing still.’
    sickness, biliousness, queasiness


motion sickness

/ˈmōSHən ˌsiknis/ /ˈmoʊʃən ˌsɪknɪs/