Definition of motional in English:


Pronunciation /-SHənl/


See motion

‘Molecular dynamics techniques are simulations, but are capable of providing detailed insight into the motions that occur during molecular recognition and how motional properties of biomolecules change upon binding.’
  • ‘The English construction with fronted motional adverbial - Along came Jones, There goes the neighborhood, Into the valley of death rode the four hundred - has been studied for a long time.’
  • ‘At lower temperatures, with increasing dehydration, lipids gradually lose all remaining degrees of motional freedom, and spectra become very broad and unresolved.’
  • ‘This indicates that the motional properties of the cholesterol crystals in POPS membranes are similar to those of cholesterol monohydrate crystals.’
  • ‘Table 1 gives the motional parameters used in the simulations.’