Definition of motivelessness in English:



See motive

‘The premeditation before the killing, its viciousness, and its apparent motivelessness mark the serial killer as the personification of evil.’
  • ‘Not only does the film refuse to tell us, it glories in its own ignorance - or, to put it another way, in the motivelessness of its murders.’
  • ‘I was struck immediately by the motivelessness of publishing this picture.’
  • ‘He contends that the two share ‘sociopathy, delirium, motivelessness, and an utter dedication to the ugly’.’
  • ‘It's not so much the actual technicolour portrayal of the wounds and injuries - to our shame, perhaps, we've seen a lot worse in nearly three decades since this film was made - but rather the nastiness of the motivation, or motivelessness, behind it, a hedonistic seeking for gratuitous thrills and infliction of pain and insult upon people who had done no wrong to the perpetrators.’