Definition of motivic in English:



  • Relating to a motif or motifs.

    ‘A fairy-tale opera for children, it has also found a steady adult following, in part for its skilful use of folk or folk-like songs in a simple motivic technique derived from Wagner.’
    • ‘And would the listener recognise the deeper significance, in Cantata 105, of the worship of money as a betrayal of Christ without that motivic relationship?’
    • ‘Instead, the melodic phrases owe their unity and continuity to the juxtaposition of short segments with obvious motivic connections.’
    • ‘Each exploits contrast and color while elaborating motivic detail and assiduously building climaxes.’
    • ‘In less capable hands such a flurry of motivic activity can disintegrate into the unintelligible.’
    • ‘The second motivic element announced in these opening bars is a quick upward scale.’



/ˈmōdəvik/ /ˈmoʊdəvɪk/