Definition of motmot in English:



  • A tree-dwelling tropical American bird with colourful plumage, typically having two long racket-shaped tail feathers.

    Family Momotidae: several genera and species, in particular the widespread blue-crowned motmot (Momotus momota)

    ‘Like motmots and todies, kingfishers often have brilliant plumage, are largely insectivorous, and nest in cavities that are often excavated in earthen banks.’
    • ‘You didn't think that toucans and motmots were just going to fly over your New Jersey home, did you?’
    • ‘On the premises were ten species of hummingbirds, slaty-tailed trogons, rufous and broad-billed motmots, collared aricaris.’
    • ‘Oligocene fossils of todies and motmots from Wyoming and France, for example, indicate that the current ranges of these two groups are relictual.’
    • ‘But a dam upriver would have caused greater flooding in the Raspaculo, where the threatened keel-billed motmot, a bright-green songbird, nests.’
    • ‘By the early 1990s, he was noticing that blue-crowned motmots, brown jays, golden-crowned warblers and other birds of drier, lower-elevation rain forests had begun nesting in his study area.’



/ˈmätmät/ /ˈmɑtmɑt/


Early 19th century from Latin American Spanish, of imitative origin.