Definition of motocrosser in English:



See motocross

‘Sadly, four-wheelers and motocrossers are our allies in maintaining access to the best trails on earth.’
  • ‘If there were such a thing as Motorcycle Protection Agency, the 125 cc motocrossers we were testing would be on its list of endangered species.’
  • ‘These high-profile victories were to signal the coming of a new era of 4-stroke motocrossers.’
  • ‘He proved to everyone there that motocrossers have endurance.’
  • ‘I mean it's hard enough to be a professional motocrossers or supercrosser, and just because I am that I can't expect to just get in a car and be fast.’
  • ‘Most of the country's top professional motocrossers such as Jeremy McGrath, Ricky Carmichael, Travis Pastrana and James Stewart have won AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships.’