Definition of motor car in English:

motor car


  • 1British A car.

    • ‘Where is the sense in companies buying motor cars outright using their own or borrowed money?’
    • ‘The photograph shows the proud owners and drivers of a number of motor cars and motorcycles from the very earliest days of motoring, gathered outside York Minster.’
    • ‘The clean concept is then that if hydrogen can be obtained without creating pollution, hydrogen fuel cell motor cars will make the auto industry environmentally clean too.’
    • ‘It can be postulated that the motor car, in reducing the amount of exercise that people undertake, must take some share of responsibility for these deaths.’
    • ‘Is it because there is a love affair with the motor car, which should be curbed at all costs?’
    • ‘Faced with the challenge of motor cars, flying machines, telephones, and wireless transmissions, writers of science fiction had to invent a new and even stranger universe if they were to keep ahead of reality.’
    • ‘I have read all the comments on which is the best way to travel - the bus or the motor car - and I know which I prefer.’
    • ‘Car enthusiasts are in for a real treat as the exhibition traces the development of motor cars and garage businesses in the town over the past 100 years with unique photographs and motoring memorabilia.’
    • ‘Look at all the oil we are importing for heating, for motor cars, tractors, and airplanes; even the trains use diesel now in place of coal.’
    • ‘Henry Ford thought he had invented a way of making motor cars, whereas in fact he invented a way of manufacturing products in huge volumes at low marginal cost.’
    • ‘For the man who made his money from motor cars, it is tantamount to performing a handbrake turn.’
    • ‘All who own or drive motor cars know that by doing so they subject themselves to a regulatory regime which does not apply to members of the public who do neither.’
    • ‘I know a lot of very wealthy people who drive very humble motor cars.’
    • ‘Given my pecuniary circumstances, I did not really allow my eye to roam and gaze longingly at other more sporty or luxurious motor cars.’
    • ‘Suburbia developed rapidly in the 1920s, fed by immigration from Britain and natural population growth, and shaped by new tramways, bus routes, and the motor car.’
    • ‘He went to engineering school, and decided he wanted to make his own motor car because cars were starting to become popular.’
    • ‘About an hour into the journey, the locomotive screeched to a sudden halt, the driver having spotted two men in a motor car parked on the track ahead.’
    • ‘Increased use of the motor car meant a general increase in the provision of garaging.’
    • ‘But the court recognises that the motor car is a potentially lethal instrument and it must be driven with care.’
    • ‘You have to be able to drive, to own a motor car, and to be able to afford to run it.’
    • ‘Similarly, thefts of motor cars were down by 28 per cent from 1,509 to 1,301 and thefts from vehicles had fallen from 2,664 to 1,956.’
    motor car, automobile, motor, machine
  • 2US A self-propelled railway vehicle used to carry railway workers.

    ‘There were in the course of construction in the shops of the North Eastern Railway Company at York several motorcars, which were to be used as an experiment by the company.’
    vehicle, means of transport, method of transport


motor car