Definition of motor coach in English:

motor coach


another term for coach (sense 3 of the noun)
‘The driver attempted to correct, jack-knifed the vehicle, and a motor coach that was also traveling westbound collided with the tractor trailer unit.’
  • ‘A little further on a soccer match spontaneously starts in front of our motor coach while those watching, sing Beatles' songs.’
  • ‘She met him at the station, and together they climbed into an ancient motor coach, which took them further North up the Arctic Highway to the village where she and her family lived.’
  • ‘A party of 29 elderly women returning to Bakewell from a Sheffield pantomime matinée spent six hours marooned on the Derbyshire moors in a motor coach.’
  • ‘A terrifying experience befell a party of 26 children returning on a motor coach from a day's outing in Bushy Park.’
  • ‘The Congress will then move by air-conditioned motor coaches to Oxford, MS, on August 3 to give delegates an opportunity to visit the National Library of the Accounting Profession at the University of Mississippi.’
  • ‘The city really needs to ban the motor coaches from all Pattaya streets near the beach, but we all know that won't happen no matter how polluted the air in Pattaya becomes.’
  • ‘Due to a lack of zoning, the streets of Pattaya are not adequate for use by large motor coaches and on-street parking doesn't help the situation.’
  • ‘The outreach program has a motor coach equipped with examination rooms, a pharmacy, radiography unit, basic laboratory and patient education area, and it travels to homeless shelters.’
  • ‘As he crossed South Street, he noticed a large, black motor coach idling in the parking lot of the Super Deli Mart.’
  • ‘Additional motor coaches were acquired from time-to-time until eventually the fleet grew to 25 vehicles for regular and charter service.’
  • ‘Canadian Pacific also had a number of operations including full-fledged highway motor coach lines.’


motor coach

/ˈmōdər kōCH/ /ˈmoʊdər koʊtʃ/