Definition of motor home in English:

motor home


  • A motor vehicle equipped like a trailer for living in, with kitchen facilities, beds, etc.

    ‘The biggest expense typically is fuel - you'll get less than 8 miles per gallon in a 30-foot motor home and about 14 mpg towing a trailer.’
    • ‘The 45-foot motor home rolled though the springtime twilight, heading down a lonely strip of highway just east of Napoleon, Ohio, a tiny burg of 9,318.’
    • ‘They quit their jobs, sold their condo and all but their guitars, bought a 31-foot motor home they called Homey, and took off.’
    • ‘The jury awarded him $1-million - 750,000 plus a new Winnebago motor home.’
    • ‘Propelled by a sudden need to make use of what little time he has left, Schmidt boards the luxury motor home he bought with his late wife, and heads across the country to stop his daughter marrying a man he deems to be a total idiot.’
    • ‘This motor home is sure to catch your eye as it travels down the A1 or A64, for it weighs in at 16 tonnes and is 38 ft long.’
    • ‘I was enjoying a cup of coffee in the warmth of the motor home when this young boy walked past.’
    • ‘The vehicles range from trailers to self-propelled motor homes.’
    • ‘Used camping trailers can start as low as $4,000; motor homes can begin around $50,000.’
    • ‘The actress is so unhappy with her accommodation and on set trailer she has demanded a luxury motor home and a private villa.’
    • ‘He needs a driving licence for his job test-driving and selling motor homes and could lose his job if he was disqualified from driving.’
    • ‘The tour bus was a refurbished Greyhound cruiser laid out like a motor home with five beds and a small kitchen and bathroom.’
    • ‘From mopeds to Harleys, VW convertibles to motor homes, you could rent all kinds of vehicles on the island.’
    • ‘A police spokesman said that the man admitted to trying to steal gasoline and plugged his siphon hose into the motor home's sewage tank by mistake.’
    • ‘June was scheduled to fly home after that tournament, but we talked it over and she decided to drive with me in my motor home to the next event, the Chattanooga Open.’
    • ‘Have the motor home serviced regularly and the tires checked.’
    • ‘The spike in oil costs, however, doesn't seem to be hurting the biggest gas hogs of all: motor homes, which start hitting the road in earnest as the weather warms.’
    • ‘More than 20 are living out of motels and motor homes in Florida and many haven't seen their families in weeks.’
    • ‘In 2001, Bob and Jan began touring the country in a motor home so that they could help churches, camps and Christian schools with various handyman projects.’
    • ‘Her passion was such that in 1988 she gave up her job as a waitress, swapped her house for a motor home and set off on her mission.’


motor home

/ˈmōdər hōm/ /ˈmoʊdər hoʊm/