Definición de motor inn en inglés

motor inn

Pronunciación /ˈməʊtərɪn/


(also motor hotel)
  • A motel.

    ‘He said the new fee schedule was at odds with the previous policy of attracting hotels, motor inns and motels to the area.’
    • ‘The Opposition Leader has used the motor inn on at least six occasions in the past 18 months - including as recently as a month ago.’
    • ‘Cheaper rooms are available in the adjacent motor inn.’
    • ‘Her work overall is a scrapbookish inventory of the set design of backwater urban and suburban America: empty parking lots, check-cashing joints, thrift stores and pawn shops, industrial parks, motor hotels and auto-body repair shops.’
    • ‘The ‘motor hotel’ was a new concept at the time; you could drive to the door of your room.’