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  • A boat powered by a motor, especially a recreational boat.

    ‘The popularity of water scooters, high powered motor boats and parasailing pose a threat of accidents.’
    • ‘Because of the increase in popularity of sailing and motor boats, marina space has become more difficult to get, according to boating sources.’
    • ‘The first outboard motor boats on the reef were made, according to local legend, by returned World War I servicemen, by lashing a Ford engine to the back of a dinghy.’
    • ‘Instruction is given in the use of kayaks, two-seater canoes and motor boats.’
    • ‘Through the trees you may catch glimpses of billowing sails, wind surfers, cross-lakes ferries and motor boats.’
    • ‘On arrival in Vicarstown, the children donned lifejackets and boarded motor boats provided by Laois and Kildare Civil Defence.’
    • ‘Police feared today for the safety of a sailor after his motor boat was found abandoned on the River Ouse near York, following a suspected crash.’
    • ‘Small boats may have outboard motors and then are often called motor boats.’
    • ‘Choose from an energetic canoe ride, a romantic row down the river or a leisurely cruise on a motor boat.’
    • ‘The unit was alerted to the fire at 4.30 pm after a motor boat owner discovered a fire in the engine compartment of his vessel.’
    • ‘A motor boat heading to Teddington was travelling so fast that a houseboat was damaged by its wash and the driver was this week cautioned by the Port of London Authority.’
    • ‘Marine Police found a three-metre motor boat near the beach.’
    • ‘Your hired motor boat is bobbing up and down at anchor, occasionally nudging the pebbles on the beach as a bigger wave breaks.’
    • ‘After joining the Dolittle project two years ago, he made a breakthrough discovery: Under noisy conditions, such as those created by passing motor boats, the whales vocalized louder so that pod members could hear them.’
    • ‘This is the last opportunity for a lot of the classic motor boats to be used here for what they were designed to do.’
    • ‘But motor boats are only one threat to manatees.’
    • ‘Their sheer beauty and majesty left me feeling quite uplifted, although the fact that they have no fear of humans, a healthy disregard for motor boats and are very inquisitive has led to their near extinction.’
    • ‘Eventually I got to drive one of the motor boats up and down the river, to Bishopthorpe Palace and Nun Monkton.’
    • ‘Spectators have a chance to watch the race from two locations - along the beach or following the race in motor boats.’
    • ‘His involvement in motor sport, aviation and motor boats made him a hero in his native Belgium.’



/ˈmōdərˌbōt/ /ˈmoʊdərˌboʊt/