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  • 1British dated An automobile.

    ‘The Reverend W Hughes followed with a suggestion that the speed of motorcars should be restricted to four miles per hour on district roads which were less than eleven feet wide, and another member went so far as to suggest two miles per hour.’
    • ‘Ask Robin about what has changed in more than 40 years, and he has an answer ready: ‘Fridges, freezers, supermarkets and motorcars.’’
    • ‘In 1904 the UK had 18,340 motorcars and 21,521 motorcycles.’
    • ‘Television advertising is overpoweringly loud and often trite and tasteless, particularly those awful ads for motorcars.’
    • ‘Like virtually everyone else in rural North Yorkshire my business depends for its livelihood on people in motorcars.’
    • ‘We seem to be turning full circle, to the time when few people had motorcars and it was fun to travel by train.’
    • ‘Another big killer in the world is not a disease, but the motorcar - 1.2 million people are killed each year in traffic accidents, around 3,000 of them in Britain.’
    • ‘The booklet was first published in 1985, the year which celebrated the centenary of the motorcar, and explores the part that Croydon played in its history and development.’
    • ‘Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who was not present, pleaded guilty, through his solicitor, to driving a motorcar at a speed of 26 miles an hour on the Cheriton Road.’
    • ‘But even though our awareness of these things has increased tenfold in the last decade, our dependence on the motorcar has continued to rocket.’
    • ‘Frederick William Bremer, a plumber and gas fitter, built the first British four-wheeled petrol-engined motorcar.’
    • ‘Engine noise has been suppressed, and with the windows shut the interior experience is more like a library than a motorcar.’
    • ‘A motorcar was a thing to stand and watch because so few were to be seen.’
    • ‘It's a moot point, but the advent of the noisy motorcar in the last century must have been a factor.’
    • ‘Both superintendents also warned people against leaving items of value, such as mobile phones, handbags, wallets etc, visible in motorcars when they are unattended.’
    • ‘In Dublin city, despite a well developed public transport system, 70% of workers still travel to work in their motorcars.’
    • ‘‘I didn't come here to listen to audience members talk about motorcars,’ he said in a pained South African drawl.’
    • ‘A priceless vintage motorcar made a historic return visit to the home of its first owner on Sunday, exactly 70 years after it was purchased.’
    • ‘Many of the thousands of spectators who came to see the race on July 2, 1903, had never seen a motorcar before.’
    • ‘The motorcar becomes so much part of our lives that we take it for granted.’
  • 2US A self-propelled railroad vehicle used to carry railroad workers.

    • ‘There were in the course of construction in the shops of the North Eastern Railway Company at York several motorcars, which were to be used as an experiment by the company.’
    vehicle, means of transport, method of transport



/ˈmōdərˌkär/ /ˈmoʊdərˌkɑr/