Definition of motormouth in English:



  • A person who talks quickly and incessantly.

    • ‘But for every new-found friend ready to stand a drink at the bar, there is a wisecracking motormouth, resentful of a footballer's many blessings, fervently determined to downsize the over-inflated ego attributed to all players.’
    • ‘In fact Gerry can resemble a motormouth at times and this week he'll find that comes in handy when he covers for a holidaying John Laws on AM radio station 2UE in Sydney.’
    • ‘He'd been around once before, when the baby was only weeks old, and I hadn't taken any notice of him, other than to note that he was a bit of a motormouth.’
    • ‘She's a whirlwind and, at times, a motormouth, but she has a passionate belief that she can change Scotland and encourage more women to succeed.’
    • ‘While I could understand that perhaps he was a bit of a motormouth, there was also something touching in Voyo's innocent joy in his own hedonism.’
    • ‘Gazing openmouthed at the phenomenon, Beth, ever the motormouth, said brightly, ‘That's awesome; they're straight again!’’
    • ‘Within the White House, Mills is known as a motormouth.’
    • ‘To some people, the parallels between the Michigan motormouth and the masters of the blues are not immediately clear.’
    • ‘Ben the motormouth is cut off by an elbow in the side from the woman in question.’
    • ‘Then, in flashback, we follow Hussein and his motormouth pal Ali as they hang out or deliver pizzas through Tehran's teeming streets on their motorcycles.’
    • ‘My first baseball game, (the Mets against someone or other) was thoroughly ruined by the wannabe sports commentator motormouth sitting a row in front of me who loudly berated everyone on the field for the entire duration of the game.’
    • ‘He says it's no secret that the red-faced, spitting motormouth that Chris Matthews plays on TV is different from the real guy.’
    • ‘Known over the course of six albums as hip-hop's comic motormouth, he isn't feeling funny these days.’
    • ‘The man was speaking through an interpreter, and in seconds Barnes formed an impression of him as a ticky, nervous guy, the kind of intractable motormouth who said the exact same thing no matter where he was.’
    • ‘Making it a home of sorts, he attempts to embrace solitude, but despite his best efforts, is forcibly befriended by Joe, a hot dog seller and gregarious motormouth with a dying father.’



/ˈmōdərˌmouTH/ /ˈmoʊdərˌmaʊθ/