Definition of motormouthed in English:



(also motor-mouthed)

See motormouth

‘After Mom's funeral, Largeman has the great fortune of meeting Natalie Portman's motormouthed, epileptic animal-lover Sam.’
  • ‘It was good to see them all again, and they were remarkably tolerant of my motormouthed idiocy.’
  • ‘The piece concerns two wives on the run: thrill-seeking Cass, who abandons her unadventurous husband, and bibulously motormouthed Lois, who is abandoned by hers.’
  • ‘In 1998, Jackie Chan was paired up in a cop buddy film with motormouthed comedian Chris Tucker.’
  • ‘Unfortunately, while both motormouthed Chris Tucker and rubber limbed Jackie Chan are energetic and charismatic in their own right, they mix as well as oil and water.’



/-ˌmouT͟Hd/ /-ˌmouTHt/