Definition of moulin in English:



  • A vertical or nearly vertical shaft in a glacier, formed by surface water percolating through a crack in the ice.

    ‘The meltwater pours through large channels called ‘moulins’ until it reaches the base of the ice sheet - the interface between ice and bedrock.’
    • ‘I navigated through sculpted corridors, leapt silver streams, and sidestepped moulins all the way to the base of Gangkar Punsum, where I shot a roll of film of the ice-armored peak.’
    • ‘When Ken finishes his tale the Kenyans share one of their own about the rescue of some fools on Kilimanjaro and another about the death of a novice who fell into a moulin, a hole in a glacier, and was never found.’



/mo͞oˈlen/ /muˈlɛn/


Mid 19th century French, literally ‘mill’.