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mountain bike

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  • A bicycle with a light sturdy frame, broad deep-treaded tires, and multiple gears, originally designed for riding on mountainous terrain.

    ‘The reason for this was that she had her mountain bike in top gear.’
    • ‘While walking by the perimeter fence of the playing fields, she noticed a man riding past on a mountain bike.’
    • ‘I try to get out on my mountain bike or racing bike as much as I can.’
    • ‘We had the choice of any bicycle in the store, so Peter chose a mountain bike and Georgia chose a purple little number.’
    • ‘He got off his red mountain bike, unclipped the helmet and strapped it over the handlebars.’
    • ‘A charity cyclist has hit out at thieves who stole his new mountain bike while he was at a church service.’
    • ‘The day's takings were improved by a generous gesture by local couple Phil and Lesley Easton, who gave a mountain bike to be auctioned.’
    • ‘You can ride a mountain bike, a skateboard or snowboard, drive a car, ski - even fish!’
    • ‘Whilst in Lake Manyara hire a mountain bike to ride around the local villages.’
    • ‘He suffered minor abrasions after falling off a mountain bike on Saturday.’
    • ‘I had planned to rent a mountain bike and ride up to it early in the morning.’
    • ‘Or I could get up early tomorrow morning and make sure my mountain bike is road-worthy and use that.’
    • ‘Of course it's almost impossible to think I would ever go home on a mountain bike.’
    • ‘One of the first things I did during my break was get back on my mountain bike.’
    • ‘Later, he was seen riding away on a brightly-coloured mountain bike.’
    • ‘Four years ago I was afraid to go to the skatepark on my mountain bike.’
    • ‘In Australia, the left hand brake on a mountain bike works the back brake, but over here in Canada it is reversed.’
    • ‘Should I take a jeep down that dirt road or rent a mountain bike and go exploring?’
    • ‘But to be honest the mountain bike is probably a better choice for this.’
    • ‘The last time I ran out of gas, I had my mountain bike strapped to the top of the car.’


mountain bike

/ˈmount(ə)n ˌbīk/ /ˈmaʊnt(ə)n ˌbaɪk/