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mountain goat

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    (also Rocky Mountain goat)
    A goat-antelope with shaggy white hair and backward curving horns, living in the Rocky Mountains.

    Oreamnos americanus, family Bovidae

    ‘Tracks made by birds, elk, deer, big horn sheep, Rocky Mountain goats and the occasional mountain lion are more common in the Black Hills back country.’
    • ‘Stop along this byway to hike across broad plateaus and to admire Rocky Mountain goats, moose, black bears, grizzly bears, marmots, and mule deer.’
    • ‘See wildlife such as bison, elk, mountain goats and bighorn sheep.’
    • ‘The antique red bus is a symbol of Glacier, like the mountain goat or grizzly bear.’
    • ‘The five national and sixty six provincial parks contain a healthy population of bighorn sheep, mountain goats, elk, bears, wolves, bison and woodland caribou.’
    • ‘Brown and black bears, wolves, wolverines and mountain goats roam the mountains, while millions of migratory birds rest and feed along mudflats and estuaries.’
  • 2Any goat that lives on mountains, proverbial for agility.

    ‘He turns his lens time and again to the majesty and grace of the tahr, the endangered mountain goat found in the Western Ghats.’
    • ‘If you are lucky you may see an ibex, or wild mountain goat.’
    • ‘Nepal is known internationally for its wool garments, which are made from the fur of the pashmina, a mountain goat that scales the snow-capped mountains.’
    • ‘Taking the steps four or five at a time, he zipped up the stairs like a mountain goat and threw a pair of double doors open like an irritated tailor tearing through an unhewn garment with a meticulously sharpened pair of scissors.’
    • ‘He's probably quick and sure footed as a mountain goat.’
    • ‘They are like the mountain goat, who climbs by instinct.’
    • ‘She obviously had not been a mountain goat in a past life then.’
    • ‘He leapt up and down the staircase like a mountain goat on speed.’
    • ‘While I stood happily on top of the cliff savoring the view, Brian quickly raced back down like a mountain goat to get the others.’
    • ‘The bucardo, a Pyrenean mountain goat, became extinct in January, when the last of its kind was put out of its lonely misery by a falling tree.’
    • ‘Petrina negotiates these difficult territories like a surefooted mountain goat.’
    • ‘Once upon a time - last year, actually - a mountain goat named Celia was wandering through the Pyrenees.’
    • ‘It was slightly annoying to hear the little girl tripping along behind him like a young mountain goat.’
    • ‘Ma Qiang gives emergency medical treatment to a Tibetan mountain goat injured in a fight with its companions.’
    • ‘In one of the noodle shops we met Bob, a guide as sure-footed as a mountain goat.’
    • ‘The restaurant's name comes from the famous Jamavar shawls of Kashmir, made from delicate fleece of the Tibetan mountain goat.’
    • ‘She clambers up the hill with the ease of a mountain goat, occasionally looking down to grin at me.’
    • ‘I thought that as dad was a smoker we would be evenly matched but he started springing from rock to rock like a mountain goat.’
    • ‘He must be on a secret diet because he went up that hill like a mountain goat.’
    • ‘No matter how hard I try, I simply cannot keep up with my guide, Alistair, who scampers over the screes like some tweed-clad mountain goat.’
    • ‘The Sherpas were also happy to eat muffins instead of mountain goat.’


mountain goat

/ˈmount(ə)n ˌɡōt/ /ˈmaʊnt(ə)n ˌɡoʊt/