Definition of mountaineering in English:


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  • The sport or activity of climbing mountains.

    ‘the village of Glencoe is surrounded by fantastic mountains—ideal for skiing and mountaineering in the winter’
    • ‘a mountaineering expedition’
    • ‘Most mountaineering trainers say that rock climbing is all in the head.’
    • ‘Equipment failure in rock climbing and mountaineering is extraordinarily rare.’
    • ‘She will also try her hand at ice climbing, mountaineering and trekking.’
    • ‘Hinged crampons are used for mountaineering and snow climbing, not ice climbing.’
    • ‘For a small nation we have made remarkable contributions to world mountaineering throughout the sport's history.’
    • ‘We have revived the sport of mountaineering in a major way, after a gap of 43 years.’
    • ‘Accurate accident analysis is an extremely important aspect of mountaineering.’
    • ‘The five were part of a 15-person mountaineering expedition from the university.’
    • ‘McDonald left the north-east of England in the early 1950s to pursue his love of mountaineering and skiing.’
    • ‘Many interesting mountain trails beckon mountaineering enthusiasts to the Zanskar valley.’
    • ‘His interests include mountain biking, mountaineering, poetry and art.’
    • ‘Nowadays, people go for the skiing and mountaineering, and it's a lot quieter than most of the big alpine resorts.’
    • ‘If you are planning adventure activities such as scuba diving or mountaineering, ensure these are covered by your policy.’
    • ‘As a mountaineer, part of the beauty of mountaineering, for me, is the level of personal challenge involved.’
    • ‘Another sport that took off in this period was Alpine mountaineering.’
    • ‘He tossed away the concept of oxygen tanks and big teams and camps, and made mountaineering a more equal contest between man and mountain.’
    • ‘They have learned about camping in snow conditions and have mastered skilled mountaineering rope work.’
    • ‘My mountaineering partner, John, and I have had to cancel our climbing expedition to Tibet.’
    • ‘Training included general mountaineering skills such as outdoor cooking and camping in snow caves.’
    • ‘As with mountaineering and tobogganing, few members of a film audience have first-hand experience of sky-diving.’
    • ‘Both these book are essential reading for those interested in Sherpa society and in Himalayan mountaineering.’



/ˌmount(ə)nˈiriNG/ /ˌmaʊnt(ə)nˈɪrɪŋ/