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  • 1The expression of deep sorrow for someone who has died, typically involving following certain conventions such as wearing black clothes.

    ‘she's still in mourning after the death of her husband’
    • ‘The university closed for three days as of Friday and flags are flying at half-mast in mourning of the rector's death.’
    • ‘The best thing anyone in mourning can do is live and hope.’
    • ‘The view that the whole nation was in mourning was well wide of the mark.’
    • ‘By the anniversary of a person's death, mourning is complete.’
    • ‘As the Orthodox 40-day period of mourning to mark the death of more than 350 people in the siege came to an end, she found herself blamed by many locals for the tragedy.’
    • ‘Instead it seems to concern a young man in mourning who lives in the town of Solebury, Pennsylvania.’
    • ‘Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva declared seven days of official national mourning for the death of Pope John Paul II.’
    • ‘There will be no more struggle with sin, no more suffering or sorrow, no more pain or loss, no more death or mourning.’
    • ‘The film traces her mourning following the deaths of her husband and daughter and her subsequent attempts to rebuild her life.’
    • ‘Please know that I bear no malice towards you and that I am still in a state of shock and mourning over my sister's death and will continue to be so for a long time.’
    • ‘Widowed at an early age, she ruled alone without her adored Albert and made the era redolent with the ritual of death and mourning.’
    • ‘It was a semi-official day of mourning because of the death of Queen Mother Juliana.’
    • ‘Dawning the simple black dress she had lain out to demonstrate her mourning for the death of some of her men, she proceeded to make her way towards the dining hall.’
    • ‘To this day I cannot forget the deep and sincere sorrow and mourning that engulfed Pakistan.’
    • ‘Never before had I a day of mourning that was so personal and so universal.’
    • ‘It is a book centered around the Victorian notions of death and the rituals of mourning and the idea and function of the cemetery.’
    • ‘There are so many different kinds of mourning; so many ways to accept or deny a death.’
    • ‘So it's like a celebration of life more than the mourning of somebody's death.’
    • ‘There should be a day of national mourning when we grieve for the waste of life.’
    • ‘And think of his parents and family and their pain and mourning when they finally discovered what happened to their missing son.’
    • ‘Some protesters wore black arm bands as a sign of mourning.’
    grief, grieving, sorrowing, lamentation, lament, keening, wailing, weeping
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    1. 1.1Black clothes worn as an expression of grief when someone dies.
      ‘if he dies, she'll put on mourning but she won't cry’
      • ‘Wives wear mourning for the relatives of their husbands precisely as they would for their own, as would husbands for the relatives of their wives.’
      • ‘Children under fifteen are not expected to wear mourning, nor should any girl under seventeen wear crape.’
      • ‘Indeed, many people do not put on mourning at all, save for very near relatives.’
      black clothes, black
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/ˈmôrniNG/ /ˈmɔrnɪŋ/