Definition of mouse deer in English:

mouse deer


another term for chevrotain
‘It probably looked and moved something like the diminutive chevrotain, or mouse deer, of Asian forests.’
  • ‘It is a mouse deer of the genius Tragulus, but mouse deer don't have antlers.’
  • ‘Game birds and animals (especially mouse deer, barking deer, and sambar) are eaten in rural areas.’
  • ‘Staff shortages mean that resources are stretched to protect this native species, as well as the Philippine crocodile, the Calamian deer and the Palawan mouse deer.’
  • ‘These are the smallest of all artiodactyls; the smallest species, the lesser Malay mouse deer, is only 40 cm long - no bigger than a rabbit.’
  • ‘The nearby sanctuary is home to the barking, the spotted and the mouse deer, the gaur, the civet cat, the tiger and the elephant, besides a variety of birds and reptiles.’
  • ‘The stomach of the mouse deer is three chambered and these animals are ruminants.’
  • ‘Here, he had seen a tiny mouse deer kick one of his hunting dogs while he himself was resting under a tree.’


mouse deer

/ˈmous ˌdi(ə)r/ /ˈmaʊs ˌdɪ(ə)r/