Definition of mouse pad in English:

mouse pad


(also British mouse mat)
  • A piece of rigid or slightly resilient material on which a computer mouse is moved.

    ‘To keep the mouse pad in place, there is a spray-on application which should help keep the mouse pad from moving on your desk.’
    • ‘We manufacture high-tech mousing surfaces for serious computer users that demand more than just a simple mouse pad.’
    • ‘The mouse pad is probably the most stagnant of all computer accessories.’
    • ‘It fits perfectly into the palm and can swiftly glide over a desktop mouse pad.’
    • ‘This is something I personally like to see from a mouse pad, no graphical distractions.’
    • ‘His fingers move over the mouse pad and the keyboard for a few seconds and then he looks up with an excited, tense expression.’
    • ‘I tested each mouse pad doing simple office tasks like Microsoft Excel, browsing the Web, graphics editing and writing articles such as this one.’
    • ‘But the mouse is still sitting on the mouse pad.’
    • ‘I don't think she even knew what the mouse pad was!’
    • ‘Or perhaps you really should consider getting a more ideal mouse pad for fast-paced 3D games.’
    • ‘She was repeatedly banging the mouse on the foam wrist-rest of the mouse pad, causing the pointer on the screen to stop half way down the monitor.’
    • ‘At about $30, to some this may be somewhat high for a simple mouse pad, but is well worth it if you're truly into gaming.’
    • ‘I immediately placed the mouse pad on my desk and started using it.’
    • ‘Furthermore, since its movement no longer depends on good contact, the mouse pad has become obsolete.’
    • ‘What this means is no more dust to clean and you no longer need a mouse pad according to the marketing people.’
    • ‘Additionally, you can use an optical mouse on almost any surface, whereas a ball mouse needs a mouse pad in order for the rubberised ball to roll properly.’
    • ‘Whether it's a fabric or plastic mat, or even a piece of paper, most would say that a mouse pad is a mouse pad.’
    • ‘This is a HUGE mouse pad and like nothing we have ever seen before.’
    • ‘This is the best mouse pad that we have ever used - it's big, smooth and expensive.’
    • ‘If your mouse pad is battered from years of hard use, consider purchasing a new one.’


mouse pad

/ˈmous pad/ /ˈmaʊs pæd/