Definition of mousebird in English:



  • A small gregarious African bird with mainly drab plumage, a crest, and a long tail.

    Genera Colius and Urocolius, family Coliidae: six species

    ‘‘We feed the birds in our garden and have enjoyed seeing several parents feeding their young - among them bulbuls, barbets, mousebirds and weavers,’ she says.’
    • ‘Hummingbirds have also been grouped with nightjars, mousebirds and perching birds (Passeriformes).’
    • ‘Many Paleogene fossil birds of Europe have their closest modern relatives on southern landmasses today (e.g. species with affinities to the African mousebirds, South African serieamas, and Australian frogmouths).’



/ˈmousbərd/ /ˈmaʊsbərd/