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  • 1A computer function in which an image or hyperlink can be generated by moving a cursor over a specific point on a web page.

    ‘ on mouseover, the message “Click to activate and use this control” appears’
    • ‘You can set a caption, which appears on mouseover, for each image.’
    • ‘For example, the effects of "mouseover", or change of images when moving the mouse over, are prepared with JavaScript.’
    • ‘At mouseover, the navigation drops down but you still get a hint of the building underneath.’
    • ‘The cursor position at the time an event occurs (such as a click or a mouseover) gets stored on an event object, which is handled slightly differently by the different browsers.’
    • ‘The headers for the selected rows and columns are highlighted; buttons offer tooltips on mouseover; toolbars contain a variety of rich widget types; and the cells can be interactively inspected and edited.’
    • ‘If I want to figure out how to do a "mouseover" or swap images or run a slideshow or prevent people from downloading copyrighted images, I can find help somewhere out there.’
    • ‘The interactive maps in the Ecoregion and Vanderbilt Tree Tour sections use Javascript to produce effects (such as "dropdowns" on mouseover and highlighting of tree locations).’
    • ‘To create one of these mouseover or rollover image effects, it involves some JavaScript code; at first that was the only way to produce it; now most visual web editors let you include rollover images.’
    • ‘BadBuster has also released a browser plugin that underlines any company name it finds on the web and pops up a condensed report on that company on mouseover.’
    • ‘I'm constantly hitting the wrong icon when the dock balloons up on mouseover.’
    • ‘A mouseover on a TD element will fire twice on entry to the cell content.’
    • ‘One of the visual clues more used for hyperlinks - too much used, perhaps - is so-called mouseover: the image changes for another in the instant the mouse passes over the original one.’
    • ‘The mouseover could be achieved by setting up your Flash movie with a movie on the main stage under a button.’
    • ‘Instead of clicking on a link to see the content, you can get a preview of the page using a gesture - typically a mouseover.’
    1. 1.1usually as modifier An image or hyperlink that appears when a cursor is moved over a specific point on a web page.
      ‘the mouseover ads are annoying’
      • ‘Most JavaScript instructions in XHTML files are inline event handlers like the ones in the mouseover example.’
      • ‘Personally I don't like mouseover web previews.’
      • ‘Stacked items for sale at the auction house now display the per unit price and per unit buyout price in the item mouseover.’
      • ‘But generally, in-jokes are what "mouseover" link titles are there for.’
      • ‘Create mouseover popup boxes for your text links.’
      • ‘Perhaps navigation could be moved to the top of the page in a space-efficient horizontal strip (with mouseover drop-downs), or even to the right column.’
      • ‘The end product has a fairly usable interface, with mouseover previews and the ability to switch to different galleries.’
      • ‘That's not so bad if the images are small in file size, but it is bad when they don't preload the mouseover images.’
      • ‘Another navigational aid involves the use of mouseovers to highlight the connections between nodes.’
      • ‘People quickly found out that Explorer 3 didn't give access to the images on a page, so that the mouseovers wouldn't work.’
      • ‘We have additionally written code that prints the textual notes that appear as mouseovers on the screen as numbered endnotes when printed.’
      • ‘While text navigation is the most search engine friendly, graphic images for navigation and JavaScript mouseovers can still be search engine friendly.’



/ˈmousˌōvər/ /ˈmaʊsˌoʊvər/