Definition of mousseline in English:



  • 1A fine, semiopaque fabric similar to muslin, typically made of silk, wool, or cotton.

    as modifier ‘a silk mousseline camisole’
    • ‘Tweed, stretch knit, mousseline silk and techno fabrics, used to draw attention to natural feminine curves without sacrificing the practical qualities of lightness and comfort, are emphasized this season.’
    • ‘His easy mix of racer-back tank tops with beautifully cut mousseline, chiffon and matte jersey slip dresses was edgy and youthful without being derivative.’
    • ‘Tones wore a black mousseline dress over a cream satin foundation and a black and white picture hat.’
    • ‘Madonna will be wearing a burgundy mousseline blouse with a matching leotard, burgundy velvet trousers and leather boots.’
    • ‘She rushed forward into the hall clad in a white mousseline delaine dress with a small blue bell pattern.’
  • 2A soft, light mousse.

    ‘Suddenly, we discovered a new perspective on mousses, mousselines, and textures in general.’
    • ‘For the mousseline, in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, whip the heavy cream to soft peaks.’
    • ‘For the mousseline preheat the oven to 300 degrees and brush the inside of six ramekins with butter.’
    • ‘A salad with a sugar-beet mousseline fades against its contemporaries, and a beautifully roasted quail is almost hijacked by too many highfalutin buddies (it's stuffed with dumplings, foie gras, and truffles).’
    • ‘For the lobster mousseline: in a food processor, purée the lobster tail meat (not the tips), scallops, and shallot until smooth.’
    • ‘I struggled to taste the truffle in the light celeriac mousseline but all-in-all this wide array of flavours pulled together well.’
    • ‘Our undercover foodie had ordered sea bass with a scallop mousseline and a vanilla beurre blanc which she thought would not be particularly nice.’
    • ‘There was obviously an element of destiny about their career choice. Try the roast half pigeon with celery mousseline.’
    • ‘To start, I had the langoustine and white fish boudin with saffron mousseline, ribbon vegetables and a curry froth.’
    • ‘In the Arlington, the pan-fried foie gras served with banana-and-rum mousseline on toasted brioche was the star of the starters.’
    • ‘James's winning dish was breast of chicken, stuffed with cranberry and pancetta mousseline with purée of root vegetables, glazed asparagus and tarragon jus.’
    • ‘Insert pastry bag into each wing and stuff with chicken mousseline.’
    • ‘Wrap a small spoonful of lobster mousseline in plastic wrap and simmer until firm.’
    • ‘The langoustine ravioli was faultless, as was the chicken with wild mushroom mousseline.’
    • ‘Spoon half the trout mousseline into the bottom of each ring mold, place a trout fillet in the center, and spoon the remaining trout mousseline on top.’
  • 3

    (also sauce mousseline)
    Hollandaise sauce that has been made frothy with whipped cream or egg white, served mainly with fish or asparagus.

    ‘The firm white flesh is highly esteemed, and is often honoured with an expensive sauce (e.g. lobster sauce, sauce mousseline) in restaurants.’
    • ‘If you are in a pampering mood, however, order the smoked salmon with mousseline sauce crepe, which is very reasonably priced.’
    • ‘Onaga is the premium of snappers and a local favorite when breaded, sautéed in white wine and butter, then topped with sauce mousseline.’
    • ‘To accompany the first course, asparagus with sauce mousseline, he chose a 1986 Chinon, a young red wine from the Loire Valley.’



/mo͞osəˈlēn/ /musəˈlin/ /mo͞oˈslēn/ /muˈslin/


Late 17th century from French (see muslin).