Definición de mousseron en Inglés


Pronunciación /ˈmo͞osəˌrän/ /ˈmusəˌrɑn/


  • An edible mushroom with a flattish white cap, pink gills, and a mealy smell.

    Clitopilus prunulus, family Agaricaceae, class Hymenomycetes

    ‘This Catalan fricassee is the finest version of a traditional veal dish with mousserons, morels or chanterelles.’
    • ‘The St. Peter's fish was served crispy skin up on a bed of tiny fiddleheads and mousserons that looked like doll food.’
    • ‘It's a bad year for mushrooms - too hot on the Continent and too wet in Britain, and cèpes and mousserons are incredibly hard to come by.’
    • ‘The mousserons and the chestnuts interacted nicely and were in perfect harmony.’
    • ‘Then come the mousserons (fairy-ring mushrooms), which are marinated in hazelnut oil and served on feathery salad burnet leaves with wild chives.’
    • ‘Alternatively you can go for wild mushroom risotto of girolles, St Georges and mousserons - types of mushrooms, in case you didn't know.’