Definition of Moutan in English:



(also Moutan peony)
  • A tall shrubby peony with pink or white mottled flowers, native to China and Tibet and the parent of many garden varieties.

    Paeonia suffruticosa, family Paeoniaceae

    ‘Species of tree peony include Paeonia delavayi with crimson cup-shaped flowers, red-tinged new growth and a height of 1.5m / 5ft, and Paeonia suffruticosa or Moutans.’
    • ‘The moutan peony should be grown in a bright place, with direct sunlight.’
    • ‘But I could not understand why Moutan peonies had survived the predations of Chinese peasants for thousands of years and are only now in real danger of total destruction.’



/mo͞oˈtan/ /muˈtæn/


Early 19th century from Chinese mudan.