Definition of mouthfeel in English:



  • The physical sensations in the mouth produced by a particular food.

    ‘this Cabernet has a dense, tightly woven mouthfeel, with complex, chewy, and velvety tannins’
    • ‘Its purpose is to establish a vocabulary for describing the sensations of astringency and mouthfeel in red wines.’
    • ‘Compositions and methods for manufacturing a skim or lowfat milk product with increased creaminess, color, mouthfeel, and taste sensations similar to milk with a higher fat content’
    • ‘A mouthful of nineteen botanicals (more than any other brand) gives it a complex flavor of fruit and spice and a generous mouthfeel.’
    • ‘Its mouthfeel is soft, filled with citrus notes on the sweet side, but not overly so.’
    • ‘This wine has a round mouthfeel but carries all this fruit and flowers on a firm backbone of acid.’
    • ‘It was not nearly as good as a carrot that had really been simmered in broth and butter, but it was much more carroty than the plain carrot, with a certain brothy flavor and, again, a slightly rich mouthfeel.’
    • ‘After distillation, the spirit undergoes micro-oxygenation, a technique frequently used to impart better mouthfeel to wines and, now, vodka.’
    • ‘It's aged in Pedro Ximenez casks, and the color of the spirit is very deep mahogany, with a very smooth and viscous mouthfeel and texture and a very long finish.’
    • ‘Spending extra on a bottle and nipples in order to get the correct mouthfeel and traces of rubber would be out of the question.’
    • ‘We Americans don't care how the cheese tastes so much as long as it gives us a good mouthfeel.’
    • ‘As a group, these fish are generally darker than pollock, and the proteins do not set into a gel with the same strength and chewy mouthfeel as do pollock proteins.’
    • ‘Milk protein has a smooth mouthfeel and high nutritive and biological values.’
    • ‘The fat substitute olestra lends many low-cal snacks flavor and mouthfeel.’
    • ‘But to satisfy those who crave the texture and mouthfeel of a good steak, you need to develop something that mimics the texture of real meat.’
    • ‘Fructose was added to eliminate aspartame aftertaste and to increase the creamy mouthfeel of the product.’
    • ‘Currently, the trend of using de-fatted cocoa powders in ice cream applications is fading and ice cream processors are beginning to re-introduce medium or higher-fat cocoa powders to realize a smoother mouthfeel.’
    • ‘The fineness of a cocoa powder affects both the flavor development and the mouthfeel of the finished product.’
    • ‘The moist mouthfeel contributed by ground nuts is due less to liquid than it is to the fact that all nuts have a lot of oil in them, mostly about 50%, with macadamia nuts topping the list at around 74%.’
    • ‘There used to be just sweet and salty snacks, now they want sweet and salty crispy and smooth, different mouthfeels.’
    • ‘Each product was judged double-blind by a panel of American Tasting Institute professional chefs on a variety of criteria including taste, aroma, freshness, mouthfeel and overall impression.’



/ˈmouTHfēl/ /ˈmaʊθfil/