Definition of mouthless in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmouTHləs/


See mouth

‘And marching behind the mouthless cat came an endless stream of fuzzy animals, sugar-sweet fashions and girl singing groups.’
  • ‘Charles Hamilton Sorley, a Great War poet, once wrote an achingly poignant poem about the ‘millions of mouthless dead’ whose individual identity had been smothered by their ubiquity.’
  • ‘The painting is symbolic of the constant search for an identity by the woman, who remains mouthless in the entire series.’
  • ‘It seems possible that the series of mouthless, mask-like self-portraits in which Dali poses in a blue smock, undertaken beginning in 1923, might be based on African tribal sculpture.’
  • ‘His face was mouthless, unable to show emotions.’