Definition of movant in English:



Us Law
  • A person who applies to or petitions a court or judge for a ruling in his or her favor.

    ‘Sidestepping the issue of whether amateurs deserved protection usually afforded to The Fourth Estate, Kleinberg wrote ‘Even if the movants are journalists, this is not the equivalent of a free pass.’’
    • ‘On June 10th, an ‘evolution Cobb County’ email alert by Google informed this movant of an amicus-curiae submitted by the Anti-Defamation League, in support of the Appellees.’
    • ‘The movant must plead facts which will support the conclusion that counsel's actions did not measure up to the customary skill and diligence of a reasonable attorney.’
    • ‘This is the judge's way of saying that the movants are making a very broad argument, and pretty much have nothing.’
    • ‘This coalition contends that the movants have failed to meet their burden of proof and that a Multidistrict Litigation order of consolidation is unneeded and unwanted.’



/ˈmo͞ovənt/ /ˈmuvənt/


Late 19th century from move+ -ant.