Definition of move out in English:

move out

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phrasal verb

  • 1Leave one's place of residence or work.

    ‘they moved out and went north’
    • ‘The idea of demolishing the flats was first suggested 10 years ago, but Maureen and her husband fought the proposals, until they were moved out in March this year.’
    • ‘It is believed she has been moved out while the investigation is carried out.’
    • ‘The police have moved them out but there is still lots of debris around and needs cleaning up.’
    • ‘The builders said, I had nothing to worry about, but they said if the smell persisted they would have to move us out.’
    • ‘There are rumours they want to move us out and bulldoze the properties.’
    1. 1.1move someone out, move out someoneCause someone to leave their place of residence or work.
      • ‘they moved me out of my office on Monday’