Definition of mover and shaker in English:

mover and shaker


  • A powerful person who initiates events and influences people.

    ‘a newspaper profile portrayed the man as a mover and shaker on Wall Street’
    • ‘Rocky was our real community leader, a mover and shaker of powerful socialist principle, and he'd heard my interview with the man.’
    • ‘It's largely a class creation project, the promotion of a new class of wealthy and powerful Namibian movers and shakers.’
    • ‘The guest list is full of movers and shakers from politics, business and entertainment.’
    • ‘Britain has spawned some of the industry's most powerful behind-the-scenes movers and shakers.’
    • ‘Inside the barricades movers and shakers of powerful countries and companies huddled to polish the promises of globalism.’
    • ‘Under the watchful eyes of masters, movers and shakers, young leaders get a chance to learn and grow.’
    • ‘For the most part, women are still being propagated in the media as either mothers or sex shows, while men are still the movers and shakers of world business and politics.’
    • ‘He is already mixing with Government movers and shakers.’
    • ‘So what is a man who once rubbed shoulders with the movers and shakers of the movie business doing living and working quietly in York?’
    • ‘In this job, you meet a lot of the movers and shakers in Bradford's business community.’
    • ‘An ex-colleague says: ‘He just wants to be seen as a mover and shaker among the US political elite.’’
    • ‘These people are usually the real movers and shakers and very rarely end up as president or prime minister, at least in democracies.’
    • ‘The movers and shakers behind the framework met business leaders on Thursday with a clear agenda to inform, update and reassure.’
    • ‘A few years ago, in a sound move, headquarters shifted to Wellington to be closer to the political movers and shakers and to work with them as needed.’
    • ‘Also, it's a good idea to be in touch with the local political and economic movers and shakers to see what the job needs are in your community.’
    • ‘She's simply too busy meeting and greeting the movers and shakers of the business world.’
    • ‘They are the main market movers and shakers.’
    • ‘The days stretched into nights for the film's key movers and shakers.’
    • ‘It is not quite percolating through to the people who are the movers and the shakers, and the people who are able to, you know, change situations.’
    • ‘We get some insights now from a mover and a shaker from the Clinton administration, former defense secretary William Cohen.’
    chief, head, principal, boss


    From movers and shakers, a phrase from O'Shaughnessy's Music & Moonlight (1874).


mover and shaker

/ˌmo͞ovər ən ˈSHākər/ /ˌmuvər ən ˈʃeɪkər/