Definition of movie film in English:

movie film


mainly North American
  • Photographic film of the type used to make motion pictures.

    ‘each frame resembles a frame in a strip of movie film’
    • ‘Come on, everyone knows there wasn't any colour movie film during Churchill's childhood.’
    • ‘It's the movie film processor for the Pacific Northwest.’
    • ‘Mack Sennett popularized slapstick escapades on movie film.’
    • ‘We resolve any unrealistic influences or collisions before we create the next frame in the movie film.’
    • ‘Kodak recycles more than 25 million pounds of used movie film prints every year.’
    • ‘There are specialty archivists who only preserve digital images, audiotape, movie film, and even postcards.’
    • ‘The group started to process their own movie film as a logical extension of their work with slides.’
    • ‘I will include in the video previously un-seen still photographs, plus some excellent newly discovered archive movie film.’
    • ‘The movie film was totally blank, the still camera picked up only a light source and the recorder picked up some sort of high-pitched noise.’
    • ‘They tried to capture the ascent to Everest's summit in the highest-quality movie film available, the dizzyingly realistic 65-mm IMAX format.’
    • ‘Cellulose acetaate is used as a thermoplastic for photographic and movie film and for moldings.’