Definition of movie mogul in English:

movie mogul


informal mainly North American
  • A person who is important and powerful in the film industry.

    • ‘the party was hosted by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’
    • ‘An offshore mutual fund aims to turn private investors into mini movie moguls.’
    • ‘A short film shot in Sligo will be screened for movie moguls from all over the world in Los Angeles.’
    • ‘John Peters, who became a great movie mogul, was just a hairdresser then.’
    • ‘According to Hollywood movie moguls, the higher the stakes, the better the picture.’
    • ‘The movie moguls should also snap up this book for the sequel.’
    • ‘Now the LA movie moguls are back in the firing line for their latest re-write of recent history.’
    • ‘You no longer need to be a movie mogul to afford a home theater.’
    • ‘The movie moguls figured they couldn't make any more money from her so they walked away from her.’
    • ‘Meanwhile movie mogul George Lucas is eyeing a home in Sydney after shooting the Star Wars prequels in the city.’
    • ‘The millionaire movie mogul often proudly recounted how abject poverty one day had him reduced to tears outside the window of a restaurant.’
    • ‘Stars, starlets, journalists and movie moguls all flocked to the annual show business extravaganza that is the Cannes Festival.’