Definition of moviegoing in English:


noun & adjective

North American

See moviegoer

  • ‘Personally, my parents (bless them) started taking me to see (mostly French) films with subtitles when I was about ten, and I tend to see them as just a normal part of moviegoing.’
  • ‘However, in defense of my generation's moviegoing habits, I feel it necessary to counter Roger's list with what I think are the twenty best movies from the past twenty years.’
  • ‘The plethora of coverage in the mainstream press, itself unusual for a Mexican film, has by now acquainted the moviegoing public with some of the details of the phenomenon.’
  • ‘But it'd turn up at film festivals and cinematheques, and you'd suddenly have to figure out how to shoehorn ten hours of moviegoing into two or three days.’
  • ‘It's a sad indictment of the moviegoing public, but a lot of people say, ‘Oh, there's subtitles, I can't be bothered.’’
  • ‘You can use this for your moviegoing excursions.’
  • ‘To the young - the critical moviegoing demographic - moviegoing is at least as much a social event as about seeing the movie.’
  • ‘January extends the party a little bit as most people's catch-up month, making it maybe the best month of all for moviegoing.’
  • ‘However, an important part of the moviegoing experience comes in the talking after the watching.’
  • ‘Melodrama can be a confusing and annoying moviegoing experience.’