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  • 1often with submodifier In motion.

    ‘a fast-moving river’
    • ‘They swayed with the motion of the moving car, occasionally glancing around at the other passengers.’
    • ‘Burberry has just done that, ordering a giant, gently moving mobile for its flagship Tokyo store.’
    • ‘Attached over your baby's cot, a mobile's moving shapes and bright colours will attract your baby's gaze.’
    • ‘A fixture is a more complex piece that is composed of moving parts that operate as a unit to perform one or several tasks.’
    • ‘Most cell motion results from pressure from the moving masses of other cells.’
    • ‘The only motion was made by the softly moving vapor clouds of our own breath.’
    • ‘The moving water spins the nozzle, a motion that then helps to break up and distribute the spray.’
    • ‘With stop motion the camera captures images not in continuous moving shots but in one single frame at a time.’
    • ‘A moving particle will carry with it the energy of its motion, which the physicists call kinetic energy.’
    • ‘There is the same frustration at slow-moving traffic: the same parameters of territoriality are in operation.’
    • ‘The work performed by a moving object in coming to rest is known as kinetic energy.’
    • ‘Over-cheesiness is avoided through a deft handling of plot and characterisation, which keeps everything moving and alive.’
    • ‘I do get trains occasionally, but always go first class, so it's more like being in a moving hotel and you barely notice you're travelling.’
    • ‘In 1954 a man was fined for sliding down the moving handrail.’
    • ‘The problem of directing fire against rapidly-moving targets still drives military technology, even in public perception.’
    • ‘And you need to have top-flight shooting skills to zap the constantly moving targets that are your enemy.’
    • ‘So consider this, like all other midseason lists, a snapshot of a rapidly moving picture.’
    • ‘The motion of the train turns the series of pictures into a moving image.’
    • ‘The speed and spectacle of the moving image left the painted canvas far behind.’
    • ‘Digital video is converted from moving images to a stream of zeroes and ones.’
    in motion, operating, operational, working, going, on the move, active
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  • 2Producing strong emotion, especially sadness or sympathy.

    ‘an unforgettable and moving book’
    • ‘She went ahead with it, and from all accounts, it was an extremely emotional, moving experience.’
    • ‘Nothing like a nice bit of moving emotional opera first thing in the morning to get you ready for the day's work ahead…’
    • ‘The strong script, with moving dialogues, gets the viewer completely hooked.’
    • ‘It also is an emotionally moving experience for the audience.’
    • ‘My feeling when I went there was that I saw very beautiful things, very moving things, very strong things.’
    • ‘Even with this weakness, however, it remains a unique and moving book, and one worth reading.’
    • ‘The state funeral for Reagan was a beautiful, moving service and I'd like to just leave it at that.’
    • ‘Around 100 people attended what was a very moving tribute to those who gave their lives to fight fascism.’
    • ‘We have received a very warm welcome and have found the experience very moving.’
    • ‘I have seen it now over one hundred times and I still find it very moving.’
    • ‘I found their story profoundly moving, but very remote from my own experience as a sister.’
    • ‘The finest of the love lyrics, quietly burning with agony and rapture, are deeply moving.’
    • ‘Somehow this seemed a fitting preparation for a show which, while not easy to watch, was deeply moving.’
    • ‘Her classmates wrote a moving tribute too, remembering the friend they had lost.’
    • ‘We'll hear her moving tribute to the man she'll always miss.’
    • ‘Shops closed for business and all operations ceased as family and colleagues gathered for the moving repatriation ceremony.’
    • ‘I'm totally unprepared to write a heartfelt and moving post for my daughter's sixth birthday.’
    • ‘The resultant bug-eyed chaos is hilarious and oddly moving.’
    • ‘And so the commemorations were all just so much more moving than I had anticipated.’
    • ‘It was a very moving experience to visit the War Graves Cemetery in Labuan and to complete a piece of family history after nearly 60 years.’
    affecting, touching, emotive, poignant, heart-warming, heart-rending, emotional, upsetting, disturbing
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  • 3Relating to the process of changing one's residence.

    ‘moving expenses’
    • ‘A closing, and an opening; this is perhaps the nicest thing to be said about the moving process.’
    • ‘Tiger, though, made his escape during the moving process and hasn't been seen since.’
    • ‘They were used to make the moving process smooth, allowing a home owner to buy a new property without having first completed the sale of his existing home.’
    • ‘Usually they say builders hold up the whole moving process, but oh no not in my world!’
    • ‘This program will focus on developing programs to support secondary age students through the moving process.’
    • ‘Hank had set me up with an apartment in Manhattan and the company was paying all of my moving expenses.’
    • ‘Tomorrow at 11 someone's coming to give me an estimate of moving expenses.’
    • ‘Each family will receive up to $100,000 for moving expenses and new homes in more viable towns.’
    • ‘It can also be a moving expense, depending on the length of stay, which comes out of your personal income tax.’
    • ‘Farmers and landowners are all pitching in to ensure the enormous moving operation is a success.’
  • 4US attributive Involving a moving vehicle.

    ‘tickets for moving violations’
    • ‘Don't write anything fancy on the back of a ticket for a moving violation when pleading not guilty, suggests Longo.’
    • ‘He's asking my about my neighbour, apparently trying to talk to him about a moving violation.’
    • ‘A senior citizen who struck a school bus earlier this month has been charged with a moving violation.’
    • ‘Contravention of any moving offence is an automatic summons to court and not a fixed penalty notice, therefore the fine will vary according to the offence.’



/ˈmo͞oviNG/ /ˈmuvɪŋ/