Definition of moving picture in English:

moving picture


  • A movie.

    ‘Lawson wrote the story in the earliest days of moving pictures when cinema was no more than a curiosity.’
    • ‘The primary use of cinematic film, to represent moving pictures, is a happy accident resulting from an experiment in encoding.’
    • ‘Words have been here tens of thousands of years longer than film, moving pictures, video, and digital video, and words will likely be here after those media too.’
    • ‘Lucas more than many creators, I believe, truly gets that film is storytelling with moving pictures.’
    • ‘Long before movies became talking pictures, they were moving pictures.’
    • ‘Hundreds of films come out every year, the numbers rising as more and more studios and countries and people enter the field of moving pictures and sound as a method of storytelling.’
    • ‘After this date, there is no further evidence of Collings being active in moving pictures.’
    • ‘This has been an historic decade in the development of the cinema, a breathlessly wonderful time of captivation and transfixion brought forth from the glories of the moving picture.’
    • ‘You see, I don't go out much to the moving picture cinema because of a little something we writers like to call ‘strangers’.’
    • ‘This can replace analog tape and film libraries, acting as a centralized repository for moving pictures, music, video and graphics.’
    • ‘Back in the 50's, people were absolutely astounded and blown away by the magic of moving pictures transmitted into their homes via invisible rays.’
    • ‘When Edison invented moving pictures, the pornographic potential of that new media was of course too obvious to be overlooked.’
    • ‘In 1898, one Hannibal Williston Goodwin patented celluloid film, used to make moving pictures.’
    • ‘Many are the moving pictures made here, from Mel Gibson's Maverick to commercials for Canon, Marlboro and Diesel Jeans.’
    • ‘With the advent of the moving picture, and the subsequent development of the cinema organ, the organ was at an all time high.’
    • ‘The 90 years of Chaplin films is indeed an appropriate occasion to show their passion for the moving picture and one of its most memorable exponents, Charles Chaplin.’
    • ‘Not long before, Thomas Edison had introduced the world to his invention the Kinetoscope - the beginning of the moving picture industry.’
    • ‘On the night of April 14, 1865, Lincoln went to the theatre and got shot in his seat by one of the actors in a moving picture show.’
    • ‘There are seven categories young artists can enter - music, fashion design, photography, moving pictures, words, industrial design, and pictures.’
    • ‘‘That which is shown in moving pictures,’ he wrote, ‘impresses itself upon the mind with a force not equaled in any other way.’’
    movie, picture, feature, feature film


moving picture

/ˌmo͞oviNG ˈpik(t)SHər/ /ˌmuvɪŋ ˈpɪk(t)ʃər/