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moving sidewalk

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(British moving pavement)
  • A mechanism resembling a conveyor belt for pedestrians in a place such as an airport.

    ‘If you have moving sidewalks and music and lights, it makes it a fun experience and you forget that you have a 700-foot walk.’
    • ‘Instead, the committee agreed to look into a ‘moving pavement’ for the ground floor and the possibility of opening up an old entrance on the Garnett Street side of the building.’
    • ‘At four and a half I'd have thought my twin sons deserved a smidge of independence - and so allowed them onto the moving pavement at Deep Sea World while I loitered at the non-moving bit.’
    • ‘The National Aeronautics and Space Administration likens warp drive to a moving sidewalk: A person walks at one speed but travels much faster because the sidewalk moves as well.’
    • ‘The Port Authority has signed up for a giant generator, a bus garage, a concourse with moving sidewalks… all of that's drawn somewhere.’
    • ‘Of course, Allie also claimed that the malls had better organization, and that from one part of the mall, you can go to anywhere else by using something that strangely resembled moving sidewalks.’
    • ‘The moving sidewalks whisked them through endless crowds, up bridges and over glassy streets, where mouse-like vehicles glided under with light whistles.’
    • ‘The moving sidewalks, however, never turned off.’
    • ‘A system of moving sidewalks ensures that no one has to walk more than 400 feet to reach a gate.’
    • ‘The big surprise is a pair of moving sidewalks built into the floor, which can both separate the dancers and bring them together.’
    • ‘She was on the moving sidewalks again when something shiny caught her eye.’
    • ‘It was like a moving sidewalk, like in old Earth movies, before the superpowers were formed, but 25 times faster… speaking of superpowers, I wonder which did this?’
    • ‘But he didn't say anything, and he intended to keep a silence now, but his eyes moved up from the moving sidewalk, towards the street, where he wanted to cross.’
    • ‘As they walked along the moving sidewalk to Joe's apartment they were discussing about possible training courses they'd have to do.’
    • ‘They'd rounded a wide corner and hopped off the moving sidewalk to a stationary platform facing a huge window.’
    • ‘It is a bit like a child trying to run the wrong way on a moving sidewalk.’
    • ‘Below him were spread out the towns with their moving pavements which carry the wayfarers along the streets, and the countryside, covered, as though by an immense spider's web, by the network of electric wires.’
    • ‘The concourse also includes the airport's first moving sidewalk, nearly 1,000 feet long, and new baggage belts more than one mile in length.’
    • ‘An attractive feature of the terminal is an inclined travelator (moving pavement), the first on the continent, which functions like a massive elevator.’
    • ‘The sign also recommends walking, moving sidewalk, or express tram as the best way to get to each gate.’