Definition of moviola in English:



(also Moviola)
trademark in US
  • A device that reproduces the picture and sound of a movie on a small scale, to allow checking and editing.

    ‘They rented film gear, including the moviola they set up in John's home to edit the footage.’
    • ‘Many of these movements you wouldn't even see unless you studied the film on the moviola.’
    • ‘Upright moviolas are those tractor-like machines you see in old movies in the ‘cutting room’ scenes.’
    • ‘Perhaps tools like moviolas might have more efficiently weeded out the dabblers - it's hard to say since moviolas were part of a more elitist type of technology and denied many an opportunity.’
    • ‘Also, they edit these films on moviolas or monitors not much bigger than your home computer, so they miss stuff that can only be seen when blown up to 60 feet.’
    • ‘It is dedicated to Argentine cinema and its patrimony is shaped by the first cameras and projectors, with moviolas, wardrobes, equipment, models, sketches, awards and personal belongings of actresses, actors and movie directors.’
    • ‘Years ago, editorial companies had editors on one side of the hall cutting picture on moviolas, and sound editors on the other side of the hall cutting sound on moviolas (in the sound editorial department).’



/ˌmo͞ovēˈōlə/ /ˌmuviˈoʊlə/


1920s from movie + -ola (probably from pianola).