Definition of mow down in English:

mow down

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phrasal verb

  • 1mow someone down, mow down someoneKill someone by firing a series of bullets or other missiles.

    ‘he was mown down in a hail of machine gun bullets’
    • ‘On Friday, 20 guerrillas captured 8 policemen at a checkpoint near the city, took them to their offices, and mowed them down with gunfire.’
    • ‘It's about one of the prisoners who did escape as they were marched out there, blindfolded and put before mass graves, and they mowed them down and they buried them.’
    • ‘It is not surprising that they were mown down by machine-gun fire.’
    • ‘But as the paratroopers entered the main gateway to the Temple they were mown down.’
    • ‘An army megaphone promises fair treatment for peaceful surrender; when the three comply, gunfire mows them down.’
    • ‘With incredible skill, she took aim again and again, firing at the attackers, mowing them down like a harbinger of death.’
    • ‘Then he ‘bared himself to the enemy’ an advancing German combat group-and mowed them down with enfilade fire.’
    • ‘If I had to spend our time constantly comforting them, they would mow us down with machine guns before you could say Big Bertha.’
    • ‘Convicted felons could be encouraged to run across a distance of, say, a hundred metres, while the marksmen took turns to mow them down.’
    • ‘There may have been a few more assassins along the way, but Chris was confident he could mow them down with ease.’
    • ‘The women turned to face the pit and the appellant mowed them down with the machine gun.’
    • ‘You can't just start mowing down civilians to stop a mob.’
    • ‘I screamed, firing back, emptying my weapon into the fleeing figures: mowing several down like scythed wheat.’
    • ‘Howling voices broke into the silence, and the Orcs swept across the land like a tornado, ready to mow down anything and everything that might stand in their way.’
    • ‘The peacekeepers rushed out of the shuttle onto the planet, weapons drawn and ready to mow down any hostiles.’
    • ‘They can't shoot at you so mowing them down is even easier.’
    kill, gun down, shoot down, cut down, cut to pieces, butcher, slaughter, massacre, decimate, annihilate, exterminate, liquidate, wipe out, destroy
    1. 1.1Recklessly knock down someone with a car or other vehicle.
      ‘a father-of-four was mown down and killed as he biked home from work’
      • ‘The customer service worker said: ‘Not only could he have mown us down but he could have hurt other innocent victims as he drove like a maniac in the busy centre roads.’’
      • ‘The family of an interior designer mown down by a hit-and-run driver are urging witnesses to help police catch him.’
      • ‘A father has described the horror of seeing his six-year-old boy mowed down by a hit-and-run driver.’
      • ‘Five other activists testified that the driver must have seen Corrie before mowing her down.’
      • ‘Example: you've just jumped out of the way of a speeding car, seconds before it might have mowed you down.’
      • ‘A hero who attempted to stop a thief stealing laptops from a college was killed after the would-be robber mowed him down in a car.’
      • ‘A road accident victim has died two years after the tragedy that left him comatose - but the man convicted of mowing him down will escape the maximum possible sentence 10 years.’
      • ‘I had to get away from the van that would mow me down in a second if I gave it the chance.’
      • ‘His 80-year-old mother-in-law suffered a broken leg when a speeding car mowed her down last year.’