Definition of moxie in English:


(also moxy)

Pronunciation /ˈmäksē/ /ˈmɑksi/

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informal North American
  • Force of character, determination, or nerve.

    • ‘when you've got moxie, you need the clothes to match’
    • ‘We live longer and I think that we have more strength, determination, grit and moxie.’
    • ‘The dog consisted entirely of nerves, springs and moxie, and brought out the puppy in Jasper Dog.’
    • ‘I admired its moxie, its determination to be nothing more than a cheesy, exploitative, effects-driven popcorn movie.’
    • ‘It's still to be determined what kind of moxie Rodgers has when faced with expectations.’
    • ‘By this time, Billy is mighty impressed with this young man's determination, skill and moxie.’
    • ‘This vision of Love involves a certain amount of bravery, even moxie.’
    • ‘He had moxie, and he had character, and he had that competitive fire.’
    • ‘I'd like to think it's all skill and moxie and brains.’
    • ‘She's been one kicky kid full of energy and moxie.’
    • ‘One thinks, for instance, of St. Peter's moxie when he boldly declared that even if everyone should deny Jesus, he would never deny him.’
    • ‘To get onstage, all you needed was chutzpah and moxie.’
    • ‘I'm just glad we finally have a government that's willing to show some moxie for once and ignore these outdated sacred cows in our constitution.’
    • ‘The darkened convention center gravely tested his moxie.’
    • ‘I mean he's got a lot of charisma and he's got a lot of moxie.’
    • ‘And let's praise illegal immigrants for their moxie in getting here and making America a better country.’
    • ‘Isn't there anyone in Canada with the authority and moxie to stand up and do the right thing?’
    • ‘I think children for the most part do not possess the same kind of moxie that adults have.’
    • ‘You have to decide if you're the type of girl who's got enough moxie to ask out a guy.’
    • ‘So his dogged belief in his ability as a salesman doesn't come off as gumption and moxie, instead he comes off as delusional.’
    • ‘The new kids on the block have moxie and magical powers and, dare I say it, soul.’
    self-confidence, confidence, assurance, self-assurance, coolness, cool-headedness, self-possession


1930s from Moxie, the proprietary name of a soft drink.