Definition of Mozarab in English:




See Mozarabic

‘Because Agobard was himself a Mozarab, it is likely that he was particularly sensitive to the existence of Christian enslavement in al-Andalus.’
  • ‘Among its slate and quartzite houses stands the church of Santiago, a Mozarab temple from the 10th century.’
  • ‘Their religious tolerance allowed Christians to co-exist with the Moors which led to the Mozarab culture.’
  • ‘They are Mozarab chess pieces at least from the first years of the 10th century, and very likely from the 9th century.’
  • ‘This is a medieval site dating from the 9th and 10th centuries, the most important part of which is the stone Mozarab temple of Bobastro.’
  • ‘The horseshoe arch had also been illustrated by Mozarabs in their illuminated manuscripts such as the one of Beatus of Lebana.’
  • ‘Later, in the tenth century, the Arabs created a Mozarab church.’



/mōˈzerəb/ /moʊˈzɛrəb/