Definition of mozzetta in English:


(also mozetta)


  • A short cape with a hood, worn by the Pope, cardinals, and some other ecclesiastics.

    • ‘No other prelate wears elaborately embroidered stoles over the mozetta as a normal part of choir dress.’
    • ‘Boys and girls wear a long white tunic with a coloured mozzetta on top to distinguish the various groups.’
    • ‘The mozzetta is the same color as the cassock, and is usually worn only by cardinals and bishops.’
    • ‘Yes, dearest Melissa, the choir dress of His Holiness includes the mozetta and rochet over the white cassock.’
    • ‘You see the white lace of the rochet, and over that the purple mozzetta, trimmed in amaranth.’
    • ‘The mozzetta of the canons of Klosterneuburg is usually decorated at the neck with violet tassels and cords.’
    • ‘They have a special cape called a mozzetta which is trimmed with ermine.’
    • ‘When vested with the mozzetta, he takes his seat in the first stall of the choirs; but when he wears the cappa magna, he sits upon his throne.’
    • ‘Schuckardt is wearing the mozetta, which is worn by the Pope and Cardinals everywhere, and by Archbishops and Bishops in their dioceses with a few exceptions.’
    • ‘In other places (and in all places in the case of an auxiliary bishop) the mantelletta replaced the mozzetta.’
    • ‘He invests Fr. Gérard with the new mozetta of a conventual chaplain ad honorem.’
    • ‘From Holy Saturday till the second Saturday after Easter the mozetta is of white damask.’
    • ‘The Pope could be seen sporting the traditional Papal Winter wear with, in addition, the revival of the little hood on the ermine-trimmed red mozetta.’
    cloak, mantle, shawl, wrap, stole, tippet


Late 18th century Italian, shortened form of almozzetta, from medieval Latin almucia ‘amice’ + the diminutive suffix -etta.



/məʊˈzɛtə/ /məʊˈtsɛtə/